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Check your furnace before you call.
Save time and money.

This list will help save you time and money. If these solutions don’t work, our service technicians are happy to help. Fill out the contact form here or give us a call at (403) 948-1333 to get in touch with us.

  1. Is the power on? Check the breaker and the furnace disconnect switch.
  2. Check fuses and safety switches.
  3. Is the bottom door on and secure?
  4. Is the gas valve or gas supply on?
  5. Is the thermostat set correctly?
  6. Is return air blocked by furniture?
  7. Is the furnace filter clean?
  8. Is the condensate drain clear of debris?
  9. Are the exterior vents frosted/iced up?
  10. Turn the power off for 5 minutes then reset.
  11. Check/replace batteries in thermostat

Home Builders

We are happy to quote you on any project. Please contact us for more information on Home Builder projects.

Next Generation Careers

The Next Generation is a unique, non-profit organization raising awareness for youth career options. The organization connect students with employers in the trades and helps students earn job experience while learning through their internship.

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Commercial and Residential Installers

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